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Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG 1.75.028r (Money, Gems, Unlocked, No Ads)

Citampi Stories v1.75.028r  (Money, Gems, Unlocked, No Ads)
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You decided to move to the town of Citampi to pay your parent’s debt and find your happiness. However, you also found so much more there! Find your character’s unique and romantic story in this pixel art – anime game.

Get to know seven beautiful girls and win their affection in this romance RPG. Propose and wed that special anime girl to be your bride, your wife, and the mother of your child.

A lot of things to do! Find various quirky jobs, Grow fruit and vegetable inside your mini-farm/garden, find items to scavenge, adopt an animal as your pet, treasures to found, fishes to catch, and things to craft in these virtual life games. Find all of the stories and cutscenes for your character and all of Citampi’s citizens in this story simulation. Discover hand-made life stories and colourful personalities of each character while you get to know and help them in their daily life.

Have a family! The romance didn’t end after the wedding in this love for life story. Do quests to improve your family life. Deliver fish and vegetables for your wife while she’s pregnant. Buy various dress-up costumes to keep her happy. Don’t forget to pay your utility bills to prevent blackouts. Discover life from single, in a relationship, to family life in this roleplay story.

Raise your child! Do different things while he/she grows from a baby, to a toddler, to a healthy boy/girl. Do things like playing tag while feeding him/her, hunt various items for the child’s needs, and help the delivery guy reach your home while he’s lost! Teach him/her to help you in your tasks!

Website: http://www.ikanasinproduction.com

- Important bugfix where you can get "hand puppet" from wife's workplace, and this will break baby furniture quest chain
- Fixed an exploit where you can overlap item in apartment to generate enormous revenue
- Fixed bug where you will still get 0 revenue even when you pay your electricity bill a the start of the day
- Error when you disconnect your internet when you want to select other player's apartment
- Other minor bugs
Citampi Stories v1.75.028r  (Money, Gems, Unlocked, No Ads)