GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 6.30 For Android

GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For AndroidWhatsApp is perhaps the most used app in the whole world. Be it Android or an iPhone, everyone these days use WhatsApp. There have been many apps for messaging such as Telegram, Hike but, nothing has ever been able to come near the success and reach of WhatsApp. GB WhatsAppRecently, we have learned that WhatsApp has almost over 1 Billion daily active users. No, that’s not the total download count but the number of users that are using WhatsApp actively, every single day. Today, we will tell you how you can make the most out of your WhatsApp. We are providing fast and direct download links for gb whatsapp (whatsapp gb) download gbwhatsapp 6.25 latest version apk 2018.

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp with a lot of new features and customization options. It’s like WhatsApp on steroids. The fact that Facebook spent a whopping 17 Billion dollar to buy an app that was not making money, shows the true potential of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is being constantly and actively developed, with a lot of new features being rolled out frequently.But even then, there are many things that the users still want to use and see in WhatsApp. A little more customizati0n and flexibility would make the WhatsApp app even more awesome. These features might eventually reach the official WhatsApp app, but we are not entirely sure when.

You can download GBWhatsApp right now and make the most out of your WhatsApp experience. There a ton of features and options hidden all over the place in GBWhatsApp. It is perhaps the only WhatsApp Mod you will ever need.

GBWhatsApp APK Download

Size35 MB
Root Required?No
CategoryWhatsApp Mods
Installs5 Million +
Required OSAndroid 4.0 +
Last UpdatedFeb 2018

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android

GBWhatsApp is the still the number 1 WhatsApp Mod, no matter how many different WhatsApp mods are in the market. It is super simple, constantly updated and does not have any unwanted ads. There are thousands of customization options available in the WhatsApp GB which makes it still the most preferred WhatsApp Mod available right now. Every single one of the users who has used gb whatsapp has found it way more superior than the official stock WhatsApp APK. If you have not yet tried the gbwhatsapp, you must absolutely do it right away, trust us, you will not regret this decision. When compared to the stock WhatsApp, whatsapp gb apk is lightyears ahead in terms of functionality and customizability.


GBWhatsApp: Dual WhatsApp

The gb whatsapp apk is always based on the latest version of the official whatsapp apk. Hence, you will definitely miss out on any of the new official features, plus, you will also get all the amazing features that come with gb whatsapp as well. The package name of the apk file of gb whatsapp is com.gbwhatsapp, so it can be used along with the official whatsapp app which has the package name as com.whatsapp. Hence, you get to use dual whatsapp at the same time.


GBWhatsApp: Support for Themes

Unlike the official WhatsApp app, whatsapp gb supports themes. There are tons and tons of custom-made themes readily available for download from right inside the app. None of the available themes are good enough for you? You even have the option to make your own themes!


GBWhatsApp: 100% Secure

All the chats, pictures, videos – pretty much every single conversation you have with this app is encrypted. No one will be able to snoop around your personal conversation anymore. Just like the official WhatsApp. Feel safe with gb whatsapp!


GBWhatsApp: Anti-ban | Ban-Proof

There have been many whatsapp mods in the past, but all of them were short-lived. The reason is because – all those old whatsapp mods ended up under the ban hammer from WhatsApp. Yeah, whatsapp doesn’t like modded whatsapp apk.  But gb whatsapp is anti-ban enabled. You will always be able to use this whatsapp mod as long as you like.


GBWhatsApp: Automatic Scheduled Messages

The latest version of gbwhatsapp comes with the support of scheduled whatsapp messages. With the inbuilt whatsapp scheduler, you will be able to send messages to your contacts at a scheduled time. You don’t have to be awake till 12 AM in the middle of the night to send that birthday text. Simply schedule the message and the rest of the things will be taken care by gbwhatsapp.


GBWhatsApp: Additional Features

The official WhatsApp APK comes with a lot of restrictions. No matter what you try to accomplish with that, there is always some kind of restriction applied by whatsapp. But, with gb WhatsApp, all these restrictions are gone. Here is a snapshot of a few extra features you get:

✔ Send videos up to 50 MB
✔ Status up to 255 characters
✔ Broadcast up to 600 members
✔ Send up to 90 images in one click
✔ Group name limit up to 35 characters


GBWhatsApp: Additional MODS

As we had stated before, the GBWhatsApp APK comes with tons and tons of additional features. While the actual list of additional mods that whats app offers is pretty huge, we have listed out some interesting one down below:

✔ Brand new emojis
✔ Ability to send HD images
✔ Hide chats
✔ Save stories
✔ Stay 24 hours online
Status copy feature
✔ Change launcher icon
✔ WhatsApp lock
✔ Copy message text
✔ Block calls for specific contacts
✔ Multiple languages support
✔ Much more!

Install GBWhatsApp

Now that you have learned about all the new features and mods that are available with the GBWhatsApp, we hope that you are convinced to give this one a try. If that is the case, then we have the perfect guide to help you install gb whatsapp without any issues. Before proceeding, you must download gbwhatsapp apk and have it ready to be installed on your device. The download link gb whatsapp is available at the beginning of the article itself, in case you had missed it. Please note that your smartphone must be running Android 4.0 or above to be able to install this mod.

WhatsApp GB – Installation Guide

Before we begin to install gbwa apk (gbwhatsapp apk) there are a few things that need to be taken care. We shall go over them one by one.

Enable Unknown Sources: Go to Settings > Security > Tap on ‘Unknown Sources‘ and enable the same. GBWhatsApp-APK-9

Please note that the place where you can find the above ‘Unknown sources’ setting might vary from device to device.

Make sure you have downloaded the latest gbwa apk and have it ready for installation. If you have downloaded it on your PC, please transfer the same to your phone and have it ready.

On your phone, open a file manager of your choice and navigate to the folder where you have copied the gbwhatsapp apk file.

Simply, tap on the APK file to install it.GBWhatsApp-APK-10

Once you have installed the gbwhatsapp apk, tap on whatsapp icon from your phone’s homescreen or app drawer. You will be presented with the standard whatsapp setup process. Enter your number and get it verified.

Once you get your device verified, you are good to go. You can simply start using it as normal apk.

GBWhatsApp – Permissions

→ Access Mic
→ Access WiFi
→ Access Storage
→ Access Camera
→ Access Internet
→ Access Location
→ Access Contacts
→ Access Vibration
→ Access Bluetooth
→ Send & Receive SMS
→ Kill Background Tasks

Latest GBWhatsApp 6.30 | New Features

  • New Notify Icons
  • Added DND Mode
  • Added Auto Reply
  • Bug Fixes & Tweaks
  • Added New Emojis
  • Anti-Revoke Added
  • New Launcher Icons
  • Added New Themes
  • New Ticks & Bubbles
  • Added German Lagungae
  • Ability to Copy Text Status
  • Emoji & GIF Search Added
  • Send 100 Documents Once
  • Custom Anti Revoke Added
  • Image | Video Filters Added
  • Multiple Contacts Scheduler
  • Live Location Sharing Added
  • Send Text Broadcast to Groups
  • Advance Storage Management
  • Revoke Multiple Message Once
  • Fixed Maps in sending Location
  • Increase Status Video Limit Mod
  • Base Updated To Latest (Play Store)
  • Much More! Refer to the Changelog!

Latest GBWhatsApp Update APK Download

GBWhatsApp is one of the most actively developed and maintained WhatsApp mods available today. The developer of the app, Omar, is doing a phenomenal job in keeping GBWhatsApp up to date. So, whenever there is an update to official WhatsApp APK, GBWhatsApp will also be updated in a couple of days. So, be sure to grab the latest APK file from here. This page will always be updated with the latest GBWhatsApp version. Be sure to bookmark and check back at a later date for more updates.

Final Verdict

We have reviewed the GBWhatsApp pretty intensively above. It is important to note here that, when compared to the official stock WhatsApp app, GBWhatsApp comes with a lot of customization flexibility and functionality. Below are a few key points that we absolutely love about GBWhatsApp:

✔ Support for Themes
✔ Secure
✔ Hide Chats
✔ Download Stories
✔ Download WhatsApp Status
✔ Reduced limitations

So, what are your thoughts on the GBWhatsApp? Do let us know in the comments below!

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 6.30 For Android
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