Best Root Apps To Root Android Without PC/Computer 2018

If you have been looking for a way to root Android without PC or computer, then this extensive guide will help you. We have compiled a list of the best Apps to Root Android without PC or computer. Read ahead to download the best one click root apps APK to root Android without a computer.

Root Android Without PC APK: Basically, smartphones operate in two main operating systems at the moment. One is Android and the other is IOS. IOS is a proprietary software that is available only for Apple devices. But Android is an open-source project from Google and this is available for all smartphone devices. As far as now Android is more like a universal operating system. Android comes with a lot of features that is standard and optimal for normal usage by a typical user.But the users have evolved from a typical smartphone user to a geek in the subject.

Smartphone manufacturers realize this fact and try to make their devices perfect for both general users and enthusiasts. You might wonder what does enthusiasts do other than a normal customer. The fact is that you can root your smartphone and access features that you normally won’t get out of the box from the manufacturers. The word rooting might be familiar to you but there should be someone who still confuses between rooting and hacking. If you have the same confusion, then the only thing you need to do is to continue reading this post we got you covered well here. All your doubts will get clarifications and you might even gain new insights about this topic. So let us start from the beginning.


What is meant by Rooting Android?

Rooting is “Gaining Access”. The smartphone manufacturers decide the features that you should use on your smartphone. Your smartphone device can be of high potential but for the optimal results and usage, the manufacturers have cut short some of its capabilities. All android phones run on Linux kernel and middleware that you normally install on your PC. So rooting is nothing but an addition of standard Linux function that was removed by the manufacturers for multiple reasons. A file called su is placed in the system and this permits the other user to run them. The SU stands for switch user so that it switches your parameters and credentials to a ‘Superuser’. But there are both pros and cons for accessing these features and let us see what are them.

Should You Root Your Android?

The answer depends on your will. There are positive and negative factors that should be considered before rooting your android device. In this section, you can decide whether you need to root your device or not.

Advantages Of Rooting Android


  1. Access to Custom ROMs: By enabling root access in your Android device, you get the chance to install custom ROMs. Custom ROMs are more like skins or features that are restricted in the normal versions of Android. You can even get access to new Android versions that are not even available for your device by rooting them and installing custom ROMs.
  2. Access to Incompatible apps: While using the standard version you can only download applications that have been specified in Playstore and often you might not be able to install some applications due to system incompatibility. Root access is the real fix for issues of that kind.
  3. CPU Clocking: Most of the new smartphones are capable of doing complex calculations. The internal clock pulse decides the speed at which your device operates on. Depending on your needs you can either overclock or underclock the built-in clock of your device. If you wish for increased speed on your Android device then you should go for overclocking. If you rather need battery charge longevity then you can go for underclocking your device.
  4. Whole system backup: You can only back up some of the files in non-rooted devices. But you can completely override this by using the terminal backup option in rooted devices. For gamers, this is good news because you can even backup the game progresses.
  5. Ad-Blocker Protection: Ad pop-ups are irritating while operating your smartphone. The Custom ROM developers have realized this fact and enabled the option for blocking all kinds of advertisements.
  6. Bloatware Removal: Bloatware’s are the pre-installed applications on your Android device while you purchase them. It cannot be uninstalled manually without root access. The custom ROMs are designed with bloatware protection. That means more space for internal storage.
  7. Customizations: As Android is the basic operating system for most of the devices, every phone looks same in the user interface. If you need a change in the looks there are different varieties of “Xposed Modules” that you can download and install in your rooted device so that you can take the visual appearance of the user interface into a new level.

Disadvantages Of Rooting Android


You can see there area whole lot of advantages for you if you root your smartphone device. But don’t get excited just because of these advantages. Here is the other side of the coin.

  1. The chance of getting Bricked: If you wonder what is meant by getting bricked, it means the total unusability of your phone as a result of some serious errors in flashing the ROM, or Rooting. There are mainly two types of bricking which are hard bricks and soft bricks. Soft bricking issues can be reversed but hard bricks may cause permanent damage to your device.
  2. Rooting voids manufacturer warranty: As rooting can go seriously wrong and potentially affect your device, manufacturers do not ensure protection in rooting your device. As a result, you will have to forget about the luxury of getting your phone fixed for free or even getting replaced if something happens to your phone when it is covered in the warranty.
  3. Switching to manual system updates: For rooted devices, the automatic system updates can be interrupted. So users have to install the updates manually.
  4. Compromise on security features: Root Apps do not ensure protection, especially for banking apps. So think twice before rooting your device if the primary concern is security.
  5. Virus attacks: Since there is no single body to monitor the Root apps, there is always some risks of virus infections. If you really care about the data security or virus attacks, better you should not root your device.

Now you know both sides of Rooting your Andriod device. If you decide to Root your device, then you can continue reading the post.


  • The Bootloader must be unlocked on your device.
  • The device should at least to be charged to 70%. If it is not charged enough, then this may be the primary cause of getting your device bricked.
  • All the data should be backed up. The process might delete all the data in your device.
  • Enable USB debugging. To do this first enable USB debugging. Then go to Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging > Enable it.
  • The post is primarily for educational purposes. If something goes wrong then we are not responsible. But if you do all the steps correctly, you should probably end up successfully.

Steps To Root Android Device Without Using PC

Rooting was a process that was done by nerds or geeks when it was gaining its popularity. But now most of the regular users who need some extra capabilities from the device root their device. Rooting was done via the help of a PC and the process was quite complex. If the PC is not accessible when you decide to root your device then it can cause trouble. But now as technology advances exponentially, you can now root your device without even connecting your phone to the PC. For performing this follow the steps below.

  1. The first step is to enable USB Debugging.
  2. Download any of the rooting apps that are mentioned in the section below. [ Ignore the warnings they show].
  3. There should be one button dedicated to one-touch rooting process initiation. So click on it.
  4. Wait for the processes to get completed.  This will most probably reboot your device.
  5. Now you have successfully rooted your device.

One Click Root Apps for Android

Before suggesting you the names of best one click root Android apps, you should understand why you should opt for one-click apps rather than conventional methods using PC. The benefits are the following.

  • The obvious benefit is that you no longer have to depend on a PC for Rooting. One click Apps consumes way less time to complete the operation successfully.
  • Using One Click rooting applications, there is very less chance to get your phone bricked.
  • One Click Apps are not that complex to operate. It is designed especially for newbies.
  • It is totally cost effective because all of them are free of cost.
  • Using these applications you can root any android device of ‘Any’ android versions.
  • The rooting process does not wipe off all the data.
[NOTE: You might not able to Root some of the new Android devices because this function is well protected by the manufacturer. If you cannot Root your new device you should gain access to bootloader first.]

One Click Root Apps for Android

If you surf on the Internet about one-click Android applications then you might get a lot of suggestions and you will be totally confused on picking one. Here we ease this process by suggesting you with the best One-click rooting apps. Here is the top 10 list of them.



It is one of the most downloaded and bug-free one-click Android apps that you can get your hands on. It works fine with all the devices.


  • Well designed user interface and easy to use.
  • Rooting can be done from Android version 2.2-5.0.
  • Equipped with in-built Unroot option.
  • Purify tool pre-install in order to optimize the power consumption by the app.
  • Totally free of cost


  • Requires internet connectivity for performing its rooting functions.
  • Since the application is a free version, ads pop up often.
  • It can Root only Android devices with version 5.0 lollipop and its predecessors.

Steps To Root Using Kingroot

  1. Download and install Kingroot apk file.
  2. Tap on ‘Try now’ option. This should take you to primary interface.
  3. Tap on ‘Get Now’ option and wait for the rooting process to get complete.
  4. You will get a notification regarding the successful rooting process and that’s it!



If you are a beginner and you are looking for an easy way to root Android without any issues, then consider CF Auto Root. If you own a Samsung device, then CF Auto Root is the one to go with but it can also be used on other Android devices as well!

CF Auto Root is made by the legendary developer Chainfire, who gave the awesome SuperSU which is still the number one rooting solution available for Android. Now you would have come to know about the reputation of CF Auto Root! You can get the latest version of CF Auto Root APK by clicking below:



Framaroot is one of the best one-click rooting apps for your android device. It is downloaded a million times and no major flaws have been reported by the users. Compared to other rooting apps, Framaroot has high success rates in rooting the device.


  • Simple user interface and powerful operation.
  • Almost all Android devices can be rooted using Framaroot.
  • In-built unroot function.


  • Devices that operate on Android 4.0 and its successors only can be rooted with Framaroot.
  • For gaining root access, the device should be connected to the Internet.
  • You might not gain root access to some of the new Android devices.

Steps To Root Using Framaroot

  1. Download and install Framaroot.
  2. Launch the app and tap on ‘Supersu’.
  3. Tap either on ‘Aragorn or Boromir exploit’.
  4. You will now be notified about successful rooting.
  5. Reboot the device.




One-Click Root operates as simple as its name suggests. It is downloaded widely by users all over the world. It is designed to eliminate any complexity in the operation. The highlight is a feature to live chat with the support if you encounter any problems while using them.


  • Fast operation.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Live chat assist support.
  • Fewer crash issues.
  • Very low chances of bricking.


  • Needs internet connectivity.
  • It is not ad-free.
  • Not all devices can be rooted using this application.

Steps To Root Using One-Click

  1. Download and install the application.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Click on ‘Root Device’.
  4. Tap on ‘Scan Now’ option to check whether your device is rootable.
  5. If yes then click on ‘Root’.
  6. Wait for the process to complete and Reboot the device.



The iRoot app creates a tough competition for its competition b delivering best service like error-free fast operation. The main thing that acts as a deal breaker in the iRoot application is that the default language of operation for the app is ‘Chinese’ but relax the root button is fortunately in English.

The app performs its operation fast. The main problem users report is that the language cannot be changed. Also ads pops-up now and then. You can download the application and install it. Then launch it and click on the Root button. Wait for the process to get complete.



Towelroot is another top One-click rooting app. Since there are a lot of rooting apps available, to be unique the performance of the app should be much better than its competitors. Towelroot has a good reputation for rooting devices without complications.


  • No need of PC to support its operation.
  • One-tap rooting facility.
  • Safe to operate.
  • Free download option.
  • A dedicated website to Root your device.
  • Any Android devices can be rooted using Towelroot.


  • You cannot root phones of some brands such as Samsung and HTC.
  • Needs internet connection for its operation.

Steps To Root Using Towelroot

  1. Download and install Towelroot.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Click on MakeItRain.
  4. Wait for the process to complete.



Kingoroot is another one-click rooting app, where its name is similar to ‘Kingroot’. But Kingroot and Kingoroot are not same. The reason why you should choose this app over other apps is that it is much faster compared to other applications.


  • Fastest among other apps in one-touch operation.
  • Totally free of cost.
  • No need of PC for rooting operation.
  • Almost all Android devices can be rooted using Kingoroot.
  • No bricking issue reported by users.


  • No inbuilt app blocking.
  • Needs internet connectivity for its operation.

Steps To Root Using Kingoroot

  1. Download and install the apk file.
  2. Launch the app and click on ‘No Root’ option.
  3. Wait until the rooting gets finished.
  4. Reboot the device and enjoy superuser functionality.




Rootmaster is designed carefully so that beginners can be masters in rooting in a few taps using this application. The user interface is premium. There is a huge Start option to initiate rooting. So Download and install the application, then launch it and tap on the start icon. There are ad-pops once in a while and it is not irritating much because you will not have to use the app for a long time



Z4Root was available on Google Play Store but it was later removed by Google because it was against Google policies. But still, it is available on the Internet. You can download and install the apk file. The user interface is designed minimally. It is one of the most underrated rooting applications for Android. It can be used in rooting almost all Android devices except some of the new smartphones because the manufacturers have successfully disabled this capability.



As the name suggests this apps roots every android devices. There are very fewer bugs and crashes reported. It had been downloaded a lot of times and earned success most of the time.

Steps To Root Using Universal Android Root

  1. Download and install Universal Android Root.
  2. Download Super SU application from Playstore.
  3. Open Universal Android root and select the current Android version.
  4. Click on the Root Button and wait for the process to get finished.

11. Baidu Root


Baidu root is the last on the list but not least among all the above applications. It is famous among the Android users, especially in China. The highlight is that Baidu supports more than 6000 Android applications.

Baidu is a trustworthy Android application from the famous Chinese app developing company Baidu Inc. The process to download and install is simple. Download it from the below link and install the apk file, then launch the application and click on Root. Now, wait for the process to complete. After successful installation, you will receive a notification.

How to check if your Android is Rooted or Not?

After rooting any of the apps above, simply reboot your device once to make everything works fine. After rebooting, if you want to check if your device is successfully rooted, you can download and install the below app:

If your Android devices are rooted properly, then you will see a screen similar to the one you see in the above picture (right). If you are not rooted, try any one of the many other one click root apps available above.


This is the most detailed definitive guide to anyone who is looking for a way to root Android without PC. While there are many apps out there to get this job done, we have picked out the best apps in the business for you. Any of the above should work fine on all Android devices.

Please be noted that rooting your Android device will void your warranty. Also, do make a full backup of your Android device before proceeding with any of the Apps above. If at all you need any help with rooting your Android without PC, do drop a comment below! We’d be happy to help you!

Best Root Apps To Root Android Without PC/Computer 2018
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