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Slapstick Fighter - Fight Game 3941.7.2 (No Ads, Unlimited Money)

Slapstick Fighter v3941.7.2  (No Ads, Unlimited Money)
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Featuring physics based fighting which makes your stickman fighters interact realistically with each other & the environment. Unlike other stickman games your limbs have a physical presence in the game, while still giving your stick man tight responses to your inputs.

We were able to keep the best part of physics based fighting games, dynamic rag doll stick fight finishes, while still giving you full control of your stickman while you fight. Other fighting games either miss out on physics combat, or make their ragdoll games with sloppy controls.

No other stick man games offer this amount of simple controls, deep fighting, realistic movement and ragdoll fun.

Controls were designed to be simple and playable with two fingers, or thumbs. Most inputs are taps making it as easy to play as the best tap games, while at the same time keeping more game play depth then most stickman games.

Arenas in the game range from a traditional martial arts dojo to city rooftops.

You can also challenge your friends on the same device. Finally end your rivalry and find out who is the supreme rooftop city fighter.

Fight styles range from straight brawler, kick boxing, and a giant thug.

In addition to different fight styles, a range of equipment makes each stick fight unique.

Arenas also have different mechanics. Arenas will change in size and feature spring boards, ice floors and spike walls all aimed at making the ragdoll games more dynamic.

• Co-op campaign added. Play a new set of levels side by side with your friends or family
• Improved Ad Removal purchase. In addition to removing all forced ads, it now removes optional rewarded ads. These can be toggled back on from the settings if you like
• Fixed tablet user interface. Better scaling and accommodation for larger screens
• Fixed black screen on some android phone models
• Other minor bug fixes
Slapstick Fighter v3941.7.2  (No Ads, Unlimited Money)